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Travel Visa Services

Traveling from the US to a different country can be an incredibly exciting and often life-changing experience. With international travel more accessible than ever before, more and more people from the US are often making the journey to countries across the globe.

While a US passport allows US citizens to travel without a visa to many of the 170+ countries recognized by the UN, there are still dozens of other countries that require you to obtain a visa before you arrive in the country. For example, as a US citizen you can travel to Australia and Chile with only a passport, but if you want to visit Russia or China, you’ll need to apply and be approved for a visa.

While applying for and renewing your passport is relatively straightforward, acquiring a visa for another country can be incredibly confusing, especially when they offer multiple types of visas. Some countries offer tourist visas, whereas other countries require you to apply for a temporary work visa even if you’re just traveling to attend a meeting or two.

Many passport service companies like ours offer services including help applying for and obtaining visas to the dozens of countries that require them.

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What are Visa Services?

While you can always apply to the country you’re intending to visit for a visa yourself, making even the smallest mistake during your application can result in a rejection. With the help of visa services, you’ll know the specific requirements needed to obtain a particular visa as well as how long the process usually takes. For some countries, it can take up to 1-2 months before you’re approved, which is crucial for planning your trip correctly.

While using visa services won’t directly impact your chances of being accepted or denied, it does ensure you are going about the entire process correctly, which can save you countless hours of potential frustration. In addition, using visa services to help you with your application process can sometimes reduce the amount of time you wait before hearing back with a decision.

For those who don’t travel out of the country regularly, using visa services can help ease the anxiety of traveling to a foreign country by making sure all your visa paperwork is in order and you have followed all the appropriate steps and instructions. Traveling to a country without a proper and valid visa can cause some serious repercussions, including being sent back to the US at your own expense.

Though you don’t need visa services to apply to for a visa, having experts help you every step of the way can reduce the chances of careless mistakes or applying for the incorrect visa. Having worked with hundreds of satisfied customers for visas from countries all around the world, we’re confident in being able to help you with your specific visa needs.

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What are the Requirements for a Visa?

The requirements for a visa depend entirely on the type of passport you hold, the country or countries you’re attempting to visit, and the reason you’re traveling there. Many countries have multiple types of visas depending on the nature of your visit.

Why You’re Traveling

Are you visiting the country purely as a tourist? Are you going for business? Are you planning on studying abroad for a semester? Your reason for traveling to a country will determine what kind of visa you must apply for. Generally speaking, travel and student visas are easier to obtain, whereas work visas can take a little more leg work.

Being upfront about your reason for visiting a country is very important when it comes to applying for a visa. Misleading a government about your true intentions on your visa application can get you into some serious trouble. Using visa services will make you aware of all the options and help choose the right one for you.

Where You’re From

Another factor in your visa requirements depends on the passport you’re using to travel. If you’re a dual citizen, for example, and hold two passports, you might have access to various countries that would otherwise require a visa.

A US passport is widely believed to be one of the best passports if you want to travel internationally, as it allows you to visit dozens of countries without the need to apply for a visa. However, even with a US passport, there are some popular travel destinations that require you apply for a visa application. Some of the most popular destinations that require US citizens to apply for a visa include China, Russia, Cuba, and several African countries as well.

Where You’re Going

Finally, some countries require far more paperwork than others. Some countries have an incredibly easy one-form application process, while others may require more documentation as well as a country-specific visa fee.

Other Requirements

While those three factors play a large role in the visa application process, here are a few general requirements that will apply regardless of which country you intend to travel to. Typically when applying for a visa, you’ll need a valid passport with at least 3-6 months left before it expires. This is to prevent travelers from getting stuck in another country due to an expired passport.

Additionally, you will also need at least one blank page for your visa to be added to your passport. For many countries, the visa will be either stamped in or physically attached to your passport book. Some countries also require proof of a return trip – such as a bus, train, or airplane ticket – to prove you intend to stay only to the extent that your visa allows.

If you’re planning on traveling internationally and are unsure of the visa requirements for that specific country, we would be more than happy to help you understand exactly what you need to do in order to have the best chances of receiving a visa.

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Why Use a Travel Visa Service?

Given the complexity of getting a visa for many countries, hiring visa services to assist you throughout the process can save you countless hours of frustration and give you peace of mind. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a travel visa service.

Reduced Chance of Mistakes

Using a visa service will help ensure that your application is error-free. For example, you don’t want to apply for a travel visa when you actually want to reside in the country and study.

Consequently, failing to fill out the various forms properly could ultimately end up getting your application rejected. We work closely with you to make sure that the forms are filled out accurately and that you have the best chance of being approved.

Customer Service

Every step of the way, we’ll be there to help answer any questions you may have as well as find the type of visa that’s right for you. Whether you’re looking to travel to China or go on a safari in Africa, we’ve helped hundreds of our clients successfully apply for a visa for dozens of countries.

Less Stress for You

Perhaps most importantly, a travel visa service gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your visa application is being handled to perfection. We give you the complete checklist of what’s needed for your application and then send off your documents to the appropriate agency.

Don’t fret over visiting consulates or standing in line at the post office – use our visa services to give yourself the best chance of approval in the shortest time.

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