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Have you ever looked at your passport photo and couldn’t even recognize yourself? If so, you are not alone – it’s a common occurrence for millions of people around the world.

In a way, your passport photo is like your personal brand – and it’s the first thing that a customs agent will look at to verify that it’s really you! Similar to a company logo, it’s crucial to get it just right.

The problem is, the majority of us get these photos at a local drugstore where you’re not really able to make changes, and the people at the passport office can sometimes be less than patient.

Fortunately, allows you to take matters into your own hands with iVisa Photos, a platform for you to get a government-approved passport photo online without going to a pharmacy or photo booth. Everything is done online and there’s no need to have your photos taken outside of your home or office.

It’s the easiest and most reliable way to get 100% government-compliant photos for passports, visas, work permits, green-cards, biometrical photos, and other identification pictures.

Why Get Your Passport Photo Online?

Getting your passport photo online makes the whole process much simpler, and is easier than taking your picture at a photo booth or pharmacy. The iVisa passport photo service is 100% compliant with government regulations.

If your photo is not accepted for any reason, iVisa will provide a retake at no additional charge. On top of that, it’s less expensive compared to stores, which is great if you want your passport photo at a value.

Their quick and convenient process lets you to print your passport photo at home, without having to go to a drugstore or photo booth. For those with limited time, it’s a very convenient solution.

How Does It Work?

Simply pick which type of document the picture is for, upload your best photo, and iVisa will take care of the rest. The images are screened using artificial intelligence that will automatically correct your photo for best chance of compliance.

But for those who would like added assurance, there’s an extra step you can take. For a small additional fee, you can opt for an expert review, where a human will manually check the image and make any necessary edits, allowing you to be 100% certain about the photo you submit. This will guarantee its acceptance by the government or organization.

If you opt to receive a digital copy of your photo, it will be sent to your email within 30 minutes, or 24 hours if you chose the expert review. If you opt to receive a printed photo, the cost of shipping may vary depending on the country, but store pick-up is available in the US.

Diagram showing how to use the passport photo app

Getting started takes only a few minutes. Here are the basic steps:

  • Select Which Country the Passport Photo is For. Use the Visa Checker to select the appropriate document and country.
  • Specify whether you need a digital or printed photo. Be aware that printed photos are only available for certain countries.
  • Choose if you would like an expert review of the photo.
  • Confirm how many copies of the photo you’ll need (anywhere from 1-12).
  • Fill out the required personal information to complete the process.
  • Upload your photo.

Once you have completed the necessary steps, you can take your photo using a cell phone, tablet, or digital camera. Here are a few pointers for you to remember to avoid a having a photo rejected:

  • Use a plain, solid white background.
  • Make sure your head is straight, with your face looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression.
  • For best results, have someone else take your photo for you.
  • If using your device’s front camera, keep it as far away as possible and square the image.
  • Use ample lighting.
  • Don’t wear anything that obscures your face, such as sunglasses, glasses with large frames, or a hat.

After uploading, your photo will be edited to meet with government guidelines. Once approved, you can choose to download digitally, or have the photo sent to Walgreens or CVS for in-store pickup.

Passport and Visa Photo App

Who Is It For?

iVisa’s photo service is available for many countries. Getting a US, Canadian, or New Zealand passport photo online are some of the most popular options. However, these aren’t the only ones – this photo service can be used for dozens of outer countries as well.

The types of ID photos that this service is perfect for include:

  • Passport photos
  • Visa photos
  • Work permit photos
  • Green card photos
  • Biometric photos
  • Other ID photos

For getting your passport photo online, or any other form of ID photo, iVisa is the simple, convenient, and cost-effective solution. You can also rest easy knowing that takes every precaution to protect user information, whether when using their services or just viewing their website.


iVisa’s virtual photo booth is convenient, inexpensive, and guaranteed to deliver a government-compliant photo before you take off for your next international visit. So smile – your passport photo is just a snap away!

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